Diabetes Control: Choosing Between Insulin or Pills and the Role of Exercise in Making Management Easier

It is very common that people are scared of diabetes in fact with lifestyle changes and proper medication its really easy to live a normal life with diabetes. Instead of worrying about why not read Popular Facts of Diabetes which will update your knowledge for dealing with diabetes. People really confused about whether they should take pills or insulin as some of people are really scared of puncturing their skin with injections daily so I will all explain here when it is best to take pills and when it is a must to switch to insulin throwing away all of your fears and why you must control your diabetes by exercising regularly.

When Pills or Insulin injections can work

The main organ of our body which plays a vital role in controlling sugar levels within our body is Pancreas.  The pancreas generates insulin hormone which then controls the sugar level in our body and helps in digesting any food whenever we eat anything Pancrease generates the required amount of insulin which is enough to offset the sugar levels but whenever there is any shortage in insulin supply or fault in factory organ we can not have enough amount of insulin in our blood and sugar level in blood is increased to put us in the list of diabetic people because their body doesn’t produce enough insulin to process or their body can not use insulin properly normally called as insulin resistant. Faults in insulin generation or processing could have multiple reasons from overweight to obese or genetics inheritance to any fault in the pancreas.

So we have two groups of people Type 2 Diabetes normally after 50 older people whose pancreas might or might not be working or are insulin resistant and Type 1 Diabetes whose pancreas is totally not working usually from a young age. The rule is simple Pills can work for people with Type 2 diabetes but for Type 1 only Insulin can work.

So when our pancreas working is between 10 to 99 per cent then pills can work but you have to monitor and decide how much potency of pills you need as usually pills like metformin forces our pancreas to generate insulin we need and expel any excess sugar through urine. but with the time when it keeps injecting and forcing our pancreas to generate insulin our organ start depreciating as we are putting the burden on it to work more than usual so you would have noticed that people who are taking pills usually their dose increases with the passage of time until they shift to insulin injections as their pancreas is getting weaker and higher dose is required to inject insulin through it so when pancreas totally stops generating any insulin it be best to shift to insulin injections that is why pills usually work in initial years of diabetes but when diabetes is older usually more then 5 to 10 years then the only option is to use insulin injections.

So you need to keep monitoring your glucose levels when using pills but any oral diabetic medication works best when used together with meal planning and exercise So you need to keep these three factors (medication, meal planning and exercise) in mind to best control your diabetes because Pills may not be able to control blood glucose levels during those stressful times when blood glucose levels shoot up so insulin might be a good option so best bet is to monitor your diabetes then see what work best for you pills or insulin including exercising and changing your meals plans.

Pregnant women can control their diabetes with insulin or diet and exercise. It is not safe for pregnant women to take oral diabetes pills.

 When Only Insulin will work

For people with Type 1 diabetes when there pancreas is 100% faulty then the only option is to use insulin injections. Different type of insulin are available from long-acting to short-acting from 5-8 hours to 24 hours you can consult with your medical practitioner to decide which insulin work best for you as when we are on insulin we just need to take insulin injection units which are enough to achieve an optimum level of diabetes control within 2 hours of meal which is usually 120 for pre-diabetes and less than 140 for diabetic people.

On insulin your weight might increase but are actually freeing yourself from worrying about sugar control as taking insulin injections is the more natural way of controlling sugar which not just gives you optimum control but you can occasionally enjoy any type of meal you want as you just have to worry about taking what insulin level you need and rest is the history that is why with diabetes live a healthy lifestyle is not a big deal as many sportsmen like Mark Andrews were diagnosed with diabetes in their early stage of life but still, they play the game better than any normal player. When on insulin its just a matter of a few initial days when you feel odd or difficult to inject a needle in your skin but when you see the benefits that you are able to enjoy any party, eat anything you like and be free of any worries and side effects then you get used to of it and it’s just like a normal routine like drinking water daily whenever you feel thirsty.

Why Exercising Makes it Easier to control sugar levels

It is not that you just take insulin and not worry about exercising you know exercise is even required for normal people so how can diabetics neglect it? it will help you achieve efficient control of diabetes as Physical activity and keeping active is an important ingredients of your treatment plan.

The biggest benefit of exercise is that it makes it easier to control your blood sugar level. If you stay fit and active, you will be able to burn your sugar and will be in a better position to control your diabetes and keep your blood sugar level in the optimum range because controlling your sugar level is required in preventing long-term complications, such as nerve pains, eyes blindness, liver failure, heart failure and kidney disease.

Exercise not only reduces the glucose in your blood but muscles can use glucose without insulin whenever you are doing exercise. so whether you are insulin resistant or don’t have enough insulin when you are exercising, glucose fuels your muscles, and in turn, your blood glucose level goes down.

If you are insulin resistant, exercising daily actually makes your insulin more effective so that lowers your insulin resistance and in turn, your cells can make use of the glucose more efficiently.

Usually, there are Aerobics and Strength training types of exercises

Aerobics includes Jogging/Running, Walking and playing any sports like Tennis, Basketball, Swimming or Biking.

At least 30 minutes of exercise daily is recommended for diabetic people

Another kind of exercise is to increase the strength of your muscles specifically preferred to do in gyms using a variety of machines based on principles of push up, pulls up or weight lifting

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Do you feel easy while using insulin or prefer pills

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