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Popular Diabetes Facts or Myths You Should not Believe

Fact-1  Diabetes is not caused by eating Sugar

Actually, type 2 diabetes is caused by the inability of the pancreas to generate enough insulin. In type 1 diabetes our pancreas is totally not working so for both of these conditions eating just sugar daily does not have any role actually, Genetic inheritance or getting overweight can contribute to impaired glucose metabolism which can develop the risk of diabetes.

But diabetics should avoid Drinking sugar-based soft drinks which can actually put someone at diabetes risk as these kinds of drinks provide carbohydrates which are equivalent to at least 10 spoons of sugar so limiting these beverages might actually help.

Fact-2 Diabetics can take desserts, rice,  pasta,  bread, potatoes and Fruits that have sugar

Diabetes does not stop you from consuming desserts, rice, pasta or fruits that have sugar in fact your body needs all nutrients in moderate amounts. Healthy diet plans should have all kinds of foods but in moderation, if you want to enjoy life with friends and family enjoying every kind of food then you should balance the intake of these types of foods not taking too much or not taking all at once so that you can control your glucose levels easily.

Fruits are a healthy food that can give you the right amount of essential fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants So why stay away from fruits when their benefits outnumber the other side. There are many fruits like Jamun, apple, kiwi or grapefruit which even help in maintaining good glucose levels but for diabetics or even for normal people to have maximum benefits of fruits one should consume it on an empty stomach and diabetics can manage their diabetes easily by eating fruits in between their meals to attain maximum benefits from fruits.

Fact-3 Skipping breakfast does not control blood sugar levels

Skipping breakfast for a normal person is not recommended then how can a diabetic can skip it. Diabetic sugar levels can go low when not eating for at least 6 hours so when you wake up from sleep you should do your breakfast as early as possible.

Skipping it might cause sugar levels to worse causing hypoglycemia and affecting the diabetic physical and mental state which can force him to eat more than usual raising sugar levels drastically, That is why Eating in moderation to eat healthy foods is the key.

 Fact-4 Type 2 diabetes is as much serious as Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is as serious as type 1 diabetes if not properly controlled type 2 can lead to serious complications like high blood pressure, kidney damage, blindness, eye damage, stroke or even brain/gum damage or sexual dysfunctions.

Whether you are a patient of Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes apart from taking your medicines i.e. insulin or tablets on time you should follow a healthy diet plan to keep your sugar levels to desired levels.

Fact-5 Every Overweight and Obese people will not develop diabetes

Being overweight increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes but it is not true that all obese people will develop diabetes. As many as normal-weight people could develop diabetes but many over-weights just spend their lives without any complications however obese people with BMI greater than 30 have a higher risk of developing diabetes.

So being overweight is itself a complication because your pancreas has to work hard to generate insulin hormones to maintain the required glucose levels.

Fact-6 Diabetic women can get Pregnant

Now, these days due to technological advancements like blood glucose monitors, and the availability of long-acting insulin it is easily possible for any type 1 or type 2 diabetic woman to get pregnant and conceive without any complications. Rule of the thumb is to just control your glucose and blood pressure levels near normal levels during your pregnancy period to avoid any complications but continuous monitoring and proper consultation with your doctors is just required.

Factor-7 Only Older people do not just suffer from diabetes

It was a time when it was common thinking that only old people can suffer from diabetes but now these days many children are even diagnosed with not only type 1 diabetes but also type 2 diabetes.  Type 2 diabetes is usually associated with an unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle. Junk food, watching tv and playing video games instead of physical activities played an important role in developing diabetes in young people so we must thrive to improve our lifestyle and eating habits. Parents should foster an environment appreciating physical activities involving some kind of sports and healthy foods other than just junk foods.

Fact-8  Insulin does not cure diabetes but helps in managing it

Insulin does not cure diabetes but maintains your glucose level to normal which cannot be maintained naturally by your body. You can still live a healthy lifestyle without any complications by following an active lifestyle, and healthy diet and taking your insulin at the right time like Oscar-winning actor tom hanks, CNN anchor Larry King, Oscar-nominee Salma Hayek, Hollywood star Sharon Stone who are still living a healthy demanding life but with diabetes.

 Fact-9  Diabetes is not an infectious disease

If I have diabetes would my children have it too, should I stop playing with them, its totally wrong to think that way diabetes is due to your faulty pancreas nothing to do with the nature of diabetes which is definitely not infectious but poor lifestyle and genetics might contribute towards this disease. 






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