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DIY homemade facial masks using common kitchen ingredients

In such a polluted world no matter what we do to take care of our skin and body, it eventually gets damaged. And as a result, people start buying artificial products such as scrubs, cleansers, and face masks. Although the quality of products depends upon the brand and as a matter of fact, some companies produce unique and authentic items. But you can’t distinguish between what’s credible and what’s not because now it’s like there are millions of brands scattered everywhere, each trying their level best to lure people in buying their products. People do get trapped in this monopoly.

So why even waste your time, money and energy in such things without getting anything in return? Why search for these branded items when there is a perfectly healthy, authentic, quality way of making these products right at your home.

Yes, that’s right; several items are a part of our daily routine, but we don’t notice how beneficial they are for our skin. If you correctly use them, then it would do wonders for you. And there is no risk using them because there are no added preservatives as found in other manufactured products.

Just like taking care of your body is necessary; taking care of your face is just as important because the face is your identity. Keeping your face fresh and healthy should be your priority. So we have brought to you nine homemade facial masks made purely from quality items with no hint of fabrication.

Banana face mask:

Want to have a wrinkle-free skin? Incorporate banana in your daily routine and get yourself a healthy, soft skin. All you have to do is take a medium-size banana, slice it and then mash it up to make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and then leave it for 20 minutes and then rinse it thoroughly. Another way of using a banana as a face mask is by mixing it with other food items like yogurt and honey. Eventually, you’ll feel the difference in your skin after using it.

Milk face mask:

From our childhood, we are told to drink lots of milk as it strengthens our bones and muscles, but there is one another benefit of this white substance, and that is how effective it is for our skin as well.

Take 1/4 cup of powdered milk and add water in it to make a thick paste. Rub it on your face and see the result after washing.

Oat, avocado and honey mask:

These three items surely look yummy to eat when mixed, but they will work even better if applied on your face.

Take a small bowl to add four chunks of avocado, one tbsp. of honey and half cup of oats. This trio will give your skin an incredible look, and you’ll feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Mayonnaise mask:

Mayo is such a vital part of our sandwiches, burgers and salads and it is such a fantastic dressing for our food, but you won’t believe that it can do wonders for your face as well. Its healthy ingredients like egg, lemon juice and vinegar are already proven to be good, so why not just use this whole package and apply it on your face to get smooth, soft skin.

Vinegar homemade face mask:

Have you heard of apple cider vinegar? It’s a vinegar extracted from fermented apple juice, it is widely recommended for weight-loss and is proven to be an excellent skin toner as well. Get yourself a bottle of apple cider vinegar; daily take 1 tbsp. of it and mix it in half cup water and apply it on your face and let it dry. You’ll surely see good results in no time.

Yoghurt face mask:

Yoghurt is the best substance you can have for your skin, and when mixed with other ingredients, it is a great cleanser.

Just mix these three ingredients: 1 tsp yogurt, 2 tbsp. Orange juice, and two or three drops of aloe Vera. Gently scrub it in your face and have a clean, fresh and revitalizing look.

Egg and honey face mask:

We all want to close up the pores on our skin, and the best way to do it is by applying this perfect mixture of egg white, honey and lemon juice on your face. It is useful because both egg and honey have contracting properties that will tighten your skin, give you a poreless look.

Cucumber mask

Although water is a great substance to remove any dehydration, it won’t harm anybody if you use a little something more to energize your skin.

It’s a healthy fruit mask made up of avocado and cucumber. Use it and you’ll fresh and clean the whole day.

Lemon face mask:

As we that lemon is rich in vitamin C, so it is a great source to brighten your skin, and when mixed with coconut water, it will nourish your face. Use it daily for the best results. And face mask aside, it would be beneficial for your whole body if you incorporate lemon in your daily diet.

So these are the top nine ideas for making face masks with common kitchen ingredients. You can choose any of these according to your ease and get ready to have a fresh and attractive look on your face.
Let us know Which mask you would prefer to use?
Share any other mask you like to do at your home.

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