Ultimate Toys gifts ideas for 1-7 Boys and Girls

Many are sure that it is possible to give a boy or girl below the ages of 7 anything on his Birthday, almost the first toy he or she comes across.

According to many guests, the child still does not understand anything at this age and will be happy with anything, if only it would be brighter and noisier.

However, this approach is basically incorrect. The baby will not be angry when he or she receives an unnecessary gift, but he or she obviously will not benefit from it. Besides, resentment may come from parents who expect a respectful attitude towards their children.

Below you will find an extensive list of birthday, family gift ideas, and recommendations that you can give a girl or boy as a gift from age group 1 to 7.

Ultimate Toys gifts ideas for 1-7 Boys and Girls

Top family gifts ideas to give a girl below 7 years

  1. A modern model of sleds with soft covers and additional wheels that can be lowered in areas without snow is the best toys for 3 year olds, especially on a winter birthday.
  2. Ball (optional – inflatable, textile, rubber, wooden or plastic).
  3. Gifts for 4 year old girl could be tolokar with a musical horn (a machine that is driven by the legs of a small driver when pushing off the floor).
  4. A gurney on a stick with music and lighting effects.
  5. Dry pool (filled with plastic balls) is a family gift idea for 5 year old girls.
  6. Swinging chair in the form of a horse, zebra, burro, etc.
  7. Hanging or floor swing.
  8. Set of soft cubes or pyramid.
  9. Constructor with large parts.
  10. Sorter (a closed container for distributing shapes according to any attribute – color, shape, size).
  11. Bizibord (a board on which various elements are fixed – an intercom pipe, door handles, locks, switches, latches, and much more).
  12. Interactive books are gifts for 3 year old girls. It can tell the baby poetry and fairy tales, as well as sing songs independently.
  13. Toy musical instruments (drum, tambourine, whistle, synthesizer, maracas, etc.).
  14. Dance mat making sounds when pressed with a foot.
  15. A game musical table with many buttons, the successive pressing of which allows the child to create his own melody.
  16. Toy gifts for 3 year old girl like a doll and things for her – a bed, clothes, a stroller, dishes.
  17. Game house or wigwam in the nursery.
  18. Glove dolls for games with theater elements.
  19. Toy phone.
  20. Night lamp in the form of a night sky projector.
  21. Educational shoes are also toys for 5 year old girls (an analogue of adult shoes, with the help of which the baby will be able to quickly learn to tie shoelaces and fasten Velcro).
  22. Children’s bowling.
  23. Height meter.
  24. Talking toys (the girl will repeat the words behind them and thereby develop speech skills).
  25. Set of large figures of animals, fruits, vegetables, etc. (can be soft or plastic).
  26. Floor mat puzzles as toys for 4 year olds.
  27. Sound posters with animals, letters, birds or cartoon characters.
  28. Little home trampoline.
  29. Rubber jumpers in the form of animals.
  30. Developing center as gifts 7 year old girls.
  31. Children’s toothbrush and paste.
  32. A set of children’s dishes on suction cups.
  33. Siping cups as gifts for 2 year olds. .
  34. Playpen for games.
  35. Game table for creativity.
  36. Gifts for 2 years old girl could be a children’s play tent with a tunnel.
  37. Easel or magnetic board for drawing.
  38. A set of children’s cosmetics complete with cream and shampoo for the smallest.
  39. Children’s developmental tablet.
  40. An interactive toy that can communicate with the owner is good for 3 year old girls or older.
  41. Electric car.
  42. A set of toys for playing in the sandbox.
  43. Set for casting the palm or heel of the baby.
  44. Big kaleidoscope.
  45. Cute baby pajamas for sleeping.
  46. Children’s hat in the form of a funny animal (cat, fox, hare).
  47. Age-adjustable nursing chair.
  48. Children’s household appliances (iron, vacuum cleaner, stove).
  49. Mosaic with large details.
  50. Bedsheets in delicate colors.
  51. Soft terry plaid for warmth.
  52. Talking alphabet.
  53. Xylophone or metallophone.
  54. Bubble
  55. Bathrobe
  56. Toys-jugglers.
  57. Toy warmer.
  58. A bezel or a set of cute hair clips.
  59. Soft children’s slippers in the form of animals are toys for 7 year old girls and below.
  60. Coloring for the smallest.
  61. Squish is an anti-stress toy that returns to its previous shape if crumpled.
  62. Multi-colored finger paints.
  63. A gift for 4 year old girl could be comforter – a toy for the sweet dream of the birthday girl.
  64. Ring-throwing toy.
  65. A robot fish that begins to swim in contact with water.
  66. Ionizer or air purifier in the nursery.
  67. Children’s musical yule.
  68. Matryoshka or tumbler.

Ultimate Toys gifts ideas for 1-7 Boys and Girls

Top Family gifts ideas to give a boy below 7 years

  1. Talking electronic toys: Most of the time, these gadgets resemble hamsters or cats. They differ from other toys in that they record and reproduce sounds, causing indescribable joy and laughter in young children. Deciding what to give a child (boy) for a year such miracle of technology is a fantastic idea, you will help the child enhance his language skills.
  2. Cubes: It is believed that giving a boy 1 year old is better not a complicated set, where you need to put a picture of parts, but large cubes made of soft plastic and decorated in bright colors.
  3. Sorter: Given the desire of many children to put everything in heaps, the toy will surely be in the taste of 5 year old boys. The sorter can be a simple rectangular platform or in the shape of a pot, a ship or a house. With the aid of this device, the boy can develop spatial thinking and rather learn the forms of objects.
  4. The pyramid: It seems to some that giving a 2 year old boy a similar product is too commonplace. However, given the variety of modern models of toys, you can pick up a very original version that will amaze the imagination of any adult and, at the same time, will positively affect the development of the hero of the occasion.
  5. Rug puzzle for 4 year olds. We are talking about puzzles of enormous size, from which a whole mat is very easy to assemble, which is subsequently used for games or physical exercises. Parts may be in the form of numbers or letters. Due to this, the mat performs two functions at once – entertaining and informative.
  6. Bath set made of rubber toys. Ducks, pirates, hippos, frogs and many other figures will make water procedures fun for 3 to 7 year old boys.
  7. Today you can find two main types of these products: classic toys on strings or wheelchairs with a plastic handle. As the boy learns to walk, the presents presented will not remain unacknowledged. The optional wheelchair with a handle, perhaps, is more comfortable, as it will create additional support for the baby, giving him more confidence in his movements.
  8. Rocking chair. When choosing what to give the 4 to 7 year old boy, do not hesitate to take a classic rocking horse – it has remained at the peak of popularity for many years, being the favorite toy of many children. If you’d like to move away from the classics, pay attention to other types of rocking chairs in the form of giraffes, elephants, camels, etc.
  9. If you are not left with the idea that to give a 3 year old boy, you definitely need something that will lead him to indescribable delight, give preference to a swing. Perhaps every child’s dream is their swing around the house, where he can drive whenever and wherever he wants.
  10. Wheelchair tolokar: We are talking about a miniature car or motorcycle, for the movement of which the young driver needs to push his legs off the floor. Everything is in the device, just like in a real car – there is a steering wheel, sound signals and an opening trunk.
  11. Developing center. If you think hard over what you can give the 5 year old boy for his development, this device will be the best option. The key element is an interactive panel containing a lot of useful game elements, the work of which is associated with sound effects. It can be put together as a tabletop when the child starts walking.
  12. All 5 year old boys, without exception, are interested in everything parents try to protect them for safety reasons. We are talking about all kinds of parts, buttons, sockets, locks, etc. All this can be found on a special game board, which is called a bizibord.
  13. Many agree that giving 6 year old boys such a toy for a summer cottage will be a very good decision. What kid does not like to tamper with the sand and play with wheelbarrows, trucks and other boyish pleasures there? Moreover, according to psychologists, sand therapy has a very positive effect on making the child more independent.
  14. Skipping rope. You can effortlessly repeat your mother’s exercises on fitball, with the help of special rubber horses, donkeys and other cute animals. More expensive models are certainly turned into wheelchairs because of the curved runners in the kit.
  15. With the help of a toy like this, you will help your 4 year old boy develop and learn the world quicker. The emphasis here is on improving motor skills, motor coordination and spatial thinking. Special models are sold for young children, which consist of large pieces that are easily assembled.
  16. Gifts for 4 year old boy could be a children’s play tent.
  17. Inflatable complex for games (you can jump, slide and climb in it).
  18. Developing and training table.
  19. Toy warmer is a perfect toy for 4 year olds.
  20. Warm blankets. This blanket is placed in the baby’s crib for a small amount of time before he goes down to sleep.
  21. Talking alphabet.
  22. Set of toy dinosaurs.
  23. Named stadiometer, which can be placed in a nursery.
  24. Best gift idea for 6 years old boy is a set of baby bedding with the image of different cartoon characters.
  25. Children’s game ball.
  26. Educational children’s tablet that can tell fairy tales, as well as reproduce the sounds of various animals and birds.
  27. A set of children’s dishes made of quality materials.
  28. Siping cups as gifts for 2 year old boys.
  29. Musical rug.
  30. Coloring book.
  31. An interactive book with music and sound effects.
  32. Toys for the finger theater.
  33. Family gifts like puzzles with big details are good for 4 year old boys.
  34. Xylophone or metallophone.
  35. Home planetarium or night sky projector of the starry sky.
  36. Toy railway.
  37. Also cars – fire, police, truck or ambulance are toys for 3 year old boys.
  38. Jumping ball.
  39. Massage Mat.
  40. Toy steering wheel with bright buttons.
  41. A mini trampoline that can be placed in the apartment.
  42. Sled or children’s snowmobile.
  43. Electric car with remote control for parents.
  44. Ring throw.
  45. Bright kaleidoscope.
  46. Bubble
  47. Children’s bowling.
  48. Toy tool kit.
  49. Running bike or bike with a controlled handle for parents.
  50. Children’s phone, computers, remote control or other toy in the form of a household item.
  51. Set of felt pens for drawing on fabric.
  52. Ionizer or air purifier in the nursery.
  53. Playpen for 5 year old boys for safe games.
  54. Set to teach a child to brush your teeth.
  55. Inflatable or dry pool with balls.
  56. Set of soft vegetables with a toy knife.
  57. Magnetic board for drawing.
  58. Kite
  59. Water gun or children’s model of a hunting rifle.
  60. Educational shoes with which the baby can learn to lace up shoes and use Velcro.
  61. Frames with inserts that will help you remember and compare the names of animals and various household items.
  62. A set of natural children’s cosmetics (shampoo, soap, bath gel, body cream).
  63. Matryoshka, musical Jule, or tumbler.
  64. A comforter is a toy that will help you fall asleep better when your mom is not around. It can be the best toys for 2 year olds.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ultimate Toys gifts ideas for 1-7 Boys and GirlsIf you like to add anything else to the awesome list do let us know?

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