Revealed! 53 Practical ways to improve your life quickly and easily

Before I start the “53 practical ways to improve life your life”, I met a hundred of my friends and after asking them one question: What do you think, what little action any person can do today to self improve and change their life to have a feeling of satisfaction this is what they answered. I am presenting 53 self-development, self-improvement ideas, each of which can be taken and embodied. Hilarious, kind, wise, exciting options or ideas for every day. I like it! so you too.

  1. Be yourself. Stop trying to please others and be another. Trying out your version is more fun than copying another person.
  2. Thank the people for doing the thankless job. Listen to those who are engaged in unacknowledged and challenging work. Be sure to mention why you are grateful to them.
  3. Walk around the house and find 20 things that need to be fixed or slightly corrected. For instance, change the light bulb, fix weak furniture, make a hole on the wallpaper, screw on a new outlet, etc.
  4. Learn something new every day. It could be anything, for example, the name of a flower, the capital of a country, the name of the breed of cats you like, etc. And in the evening, you can scroll through the mind all that is new that you learned in the last day, get the dictionary and learn a new word.
  5. Develop yourself. Try to identify and develop your weaknesses. If you are shy, do more social activities and stay anxious.
  6. Keep a diary of your psychological chatter. That is note down your thoughts and feelings that popped up during the day. For example, how many times a day you blamed yourself for something, how critical you are to others, the times a day you come up with helpful thoughts, etc.
  7. Focus on breathing. Just pause what you are doing and breathe. Watch as you inhale and exhale for two minutes. Do it every day, because it allows your brain to focus on one thing. It increases precision, raises the level of happiness, and lowers stress.
  8. Spend time with older people. Older adults have long stories rich in experiences and time perspectives where everything was simpler. Many things help you: you learn to listen better, you exercise your patience – since older people tend to speak slower -, and you acquire more wisdom. They gain from your interest and your kindness.
  9. Tackle the problem you have neglected. If you had let go of talking to a difficult person or closing a topic, you should know that dealing with difficulties helps build your resistance to handle future conflicts that you may experience. Choosing to face your problems also enables you to be more honest with yourself and others. Gradually, you can face conflicts quickly and stop procrastinating.
  10. Do something amusing. If you have finished the work you had pending, reward yourself with something fun. Folks who have fun in their work are more innovative and productive, make better choices and get on well with their colleagues.
  11. Look for sound financial advice on the Internet and select 10 of them. Try to follow them for the next days. For example, going to a store with an inadequate amount of cash and without a credit card, undertaking several things in one trip, to save on gas, etc.
  12. Dine with someone and listen to that person unselfishly. Give someone all your attention and listen to their story. Don’t think of an answer or something else, just listen. Those who listen best understand how they can help people.
  13. Relax and be more spontaneous. Doing these two things is necessary for a healthy life. If you are at work, take regular breaks: stretch, breathe, walk, take a 15-minute nap or play. Add spontaneity to your life by eating with your husband for a new restaurant and then go to watch the sunset. Do not stop surprising yourself.
  14. Try paying for stuff with only paper money and keep the rest in a piggy bank after shopping. After 90 days, find out how much you can accumulate.
  15. For the next 15 weeks, assess each week. During the weekly survey, answer the following questions: What have you attained? What was going wrong? What did you do right?
  16. Discover your passion for life. What happens if you have unlimited resources and no obligations? Whatever the problem, passion is the way to go. Surprisingly, in such a short time, few people know or try to define their passion.
  17. Be responsible for your growth. Only you decide about your lifestyle: spending ten hours on social networks is less productive than studying. In the end, the one who is the most curious and tries to try himself in many areas will shoot.
  18. Chat with someone new. It could be your neighbor you’ve never spoken to before, comment on a blog, a new friend on social media
  19. Practice empathy. Try to analyze the case in context before judging someone. Try to examine the problem from his point of view. Be interested, know more about the person you are talking to (his interests, beliefs, etc.)
  20. Turn your passion into money. You could ask, okay, say my passion for gardening, how can I get a career or make money? There are currently several ways to monetize your blogs, videos, paid courses, etc. The only thing that often disappoints people is that the gains will be in the future, but, in my experience, those gains (effectively) will exceed all their expectations.
  21. Stop complaining. Stop acting like a whining dog that does nothing but makes a lot of noise. Stop complaining and fix the problem.
  22. Think all day on the question: “If I had to choose from my whole life only one memory that I want to leave, what kind of memory would it be?
  23. Buy yourself a gift for the one whom we often criticize and who are already tired of us. That’s right, yourself! Treat yourself to something because you have done a good job.
  24. Spend 12 hours today without social networks.
  25. Develop confidence with no restrictions or conditions. Even if everyone stops, belief in yourself remains. Analyze your little win, remember your way forward, and remember all the fun of being right. If you want to do something, make sure that everything works out.
  26. Make a minute plan for the day. Stick to it.
  27. In the same way, you can spend the whole day without any plan. Just chill out!
  28. Get a massage, bath or spa. Relax. Who knows, a good massage can bring you back to life?
  29. Go to a strange place. Try to see life from someone’s point of view. Maybe the caretaker was rude to you this morning, but why did he do it? Perhaps nobody cares about them, they can be seen as useful and unnecessary devices, and you cannot appreciate their work. Think about how you can make sure that he smiles next time.
  30. Throughout the day, tell only the truth. And nothing but the truth. Here is a tough test!
  31. Come up with some crazy and exciting ideas and try to realize it. Have some fun!
  32. Learn to ask the right questions. Instead of “Why,” “When,” “Who,” start with the question with the words “How” and “What.” Stop feeling like a victim. Everything is possible if you are open to new opportunities and ready to work.
  33. Get what you usually pay for free. For example, ask a stranger to take you to the subway.
  34. Do what you want to do. Why postpone theater, fishing or retirement? Look at yourself. Take the time and endeavor to meet your demands.
  35. Try to wear something that you usually don’t wear. If you are used to seeing youself in formal suits, it looks like it’s time for ripped jeans.
  36. Do something creative. Weave macramé, elevate it with a cross, compose a song. Unleash your imagination!
  37. Find a stranger who has a birthday. Congratulate him as sincerely as you can.
  38. Forgive someone who offended you. Forgiveness of resentment frees energy.
  39. Know the real self. Try to answer your question honestly. Even if you want to live in a tent in the Black Sea all summer, avoid public opinion to get a Mercedes.
  40. Confess to a boy or girl you loved in high school. You guys can laugh at those amusing moments.
  41. Choose the most everyday activity and do it consciously! For example, wash dishes and immerse them in the process.
  42. Look for the most boring and dullest person around you. Try to learn some of the interesting facts from his past.
  43. Make someone laugh to tears! It is only advisable to do this without taking “fall from the stairs.”
  44. Make new friends. I keep repeating new opportunities for new knowledge. Don’t be afraid to squeeze into circles of people who inspire you and make friends with you.
  45. Go out and study people. Pay attention to what they are wearing. Listen to what they say. Feel their mood.
  46. Use all the power of friendship. Decide with a friend that you will often do something important for both of you (for example, running in the park in the morning).
  47. Do something useful for your city. Yes, at least clean-up under the windows of your house. Invite your neighbors.
  48. Don’t talk awfully about others. If you don’t like anything else, tell them personally. Otherwise, don’t say anything.
  49. Smile to every person you meet on the way. We live in times affected by fear and isolation that we don’t look people in the eye when we walk on the street, on public transport or even in the corridors of offices. Just for today, try to think that strange people are a bit like you and treat them with the benevolence and esteem they deserve: look them in the eye, smile and give them a warm greeting.
  50. Assign to yourself the deadlines for the work that you avoided. Record the date in the diary. Now just do not get away, Muhahaha!
  51. Ride (or call) your oldest relative. Thank them, talk to him about your family and find out some facts that will make you proud of your family.
  52. Learn from criticism. Criticism can teach you how to improve yourself. If you receive a comment, don’t be angry, as a sign, you will need to make some changes and become a better version of yourself.
  53. Update yourself continuously. Deepen your knowledge and experience and become an expert in many areas.

Let all of us know which idea is the first you will try for self-growth.


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