Moringa Oleifera a miracle plant why should you use it and Plant in your home garden

Moringa is a nutritious plant contains many healthy compounds like B complex Vitamins B1( thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3, B6, folic acid, vitamin c, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and zinc to add it in the list of miracle plants. In this world full of stress and busy routines where we don’t get required nutrients from our diet we must add something like moringa or spinach in our diet to stay fit and live longer.
Following are benefits of Moringa that how really it is useful for our body.

Protection for liver
Moringa is rich in polyphenols which are vital in protecting the liver from damage, oxidation or toxicity. Studies 1 and 2  confirmed that it can lower liver damage, fibrosis and can restore liver enzymes.

Anti Fungal Antibacterial and Anti Inflammation
Moringa can not only fight many types of skin fungus but also effective against bacterias which cause digestive issues. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it is very effective for any kind of inflammation in the body like arthritis. Studies 1 and 2  confirmed that it suppresses the inflammatory enzymes and it can lower inflammation in the cells fighting against many diseases suffered due to inflammation.

Effective in controlling Diabetes, Heart diseases, Asthma, and Preventing Cancer
Moringa contains a number of health-promoting compounds which are beneficial in controlling diabetes, heart diseases, and asthma.  Researched 1 and 2 and 3 and 4  confirmed that It’s not only beneficial due to its anti-inflammatory activities but also can reduce risk of cancer, controls blood glucose levels, have the ability to reduce asthma symptoms and can lower high blood pressure. Many Other studies (1,2,3) also confirmed that Moringa leaf extract might help in treating higher cholesterol levels resulting in improved blood flow and beneficial for the heart.

Treating stomach issues and mood disorders
Moringa extract might help in treating some stomach complaints like constipation, gastric and ulcerative colitis but it is very effective in treating depression, anxiety & fatigue.
Protective Against Arsenic Toxicity and Effective in treating edema
Arsenic contamination of food and water is a common issue in many parts of the world and long term exposure to arsenic could lead to heart diseases and even cancer as confirmed by these studies 1, 2 and Moringa Olefera is found to be protective against some of the effects of arsenic toxicity as confirmed in these studies , 2 , 3 .
Edema which is a painful condition basically swelling due to injury or inflammation on different parts of the body. Moringa can be very effective it treating it due to its anti-inflammatory properties as confirmed in this study.
Beneficial for Bones, Joints and Heart
Moringa is rich in vitamins and minerals like calcium, magnesium, vitamin K and with anti-inflammatory properties making it an excellent remedy for not only maintaining and improving bones health but also treating arthritis and pains which is basically an ailment where joints in the body knees, ankles, wrists or fingers or are affected by inflammation-causing swelling, pain or stiffness as supported by these studies 1 and 2. Moringa Oleifera has been known as anti-atherosclerotic potential due to the existence of flavonoids like myricetin, kaempferol, etc. these compounds have been known to lower the risk of heart diseases by preventing atherosclerosis and endothelial damage so moringa has heart-protecting effects. These studies confirmed its effects 1  & 2.
Beneficial in Weight Loss
This Study revealed that moringa can lower fat formation and could enhance fat break down but still more research is required in this aspect of moringa.
Ways of using it
With the potential to heal the number of diseases why should you not add it in your diet and After knowing its powerful benefits what is stopping you to plant this miracle plant in your home garden its a really cheap and effective way add to your diet to fight against or prevent deadly diseases. You can even dry its seeds and can consume it or can create its leaves powder. These days moringa supplements having extract or power filled in capsules is easily available. It can also be consumed as Tea one can take it before going to bed.
Safety and Sideffects
Moringa is well tolerated with less number side effects as it can some times cause gastric or allergic reactions in prone individuals. Its high dose should be avoided for a long duration as it can also interact with certain drugs people who are already taking blood pressure or diabetes medicine should first consult with their medical experts before trying it. A dose of 150-200Mg per kg of body weight is found to be safe by experts. Moderation is the key but if you feel any side effects you should stop taking it and immediately consult to a medical expert.

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