HEALTH BENEFITS OF GREEN JUICE That Could Change your Health forever

green juicing benefits, uses and side effects


The human body needs plenty of vitamins to stave off the diseases that arise due to such deficiencies. Also, vitamins aid in burning fat while at the same time keep the weights in check. It hence goes that the body has to be supplied with a stream of vitamins.

One sure way of managing this is through the administration of green juice. But just what is the green juice? What are some of its benefits? How is it made? How about its kinds like green juice to lose weight? Could there be some potential downsides of this beverage?. Why not also read Healthy Juicing for Weight Loss While We dedicate the entire length and breadth of the discussions below to belabor these points.


Green juice is a beverage that is derived from the juices of fruits and vegetables. Even though there is no standard green juice recipe, the commonly used vegetables are wheatgrass, spinach, Swiss chard, kales, celery, mint, parsley, and cucumber to name but a few!

In a nutshell, these vegetables are either squeezed or crushed and the juice is extracted from them. Under some extraordinary circumstances, a little water may be poured to increase the volume of the liquid contents of the juices altogether. Though not a must, some fruits may also be added in the course of the production of the juices.


Here below are some of the green juice benefits:

Highly Nutritious

Green juice is highly nutritious in the sense of containing plenty of nutrients and minerals. The top examples of these are minerals, vitamins, iron, Vitamins C and E, and many beneficial plant compounds. With this much intake comes the benefit of a healthier and more immune body.

Easily Soluble in the Body

Considering that the green juice is devoid of fiber, is dilute and full of water, it is also easily soluble in the body. It does not take too long to get to the blood circulation system. Because of this, it easily gets down to business in the body by furnishing the nutrients and the benefits it is supposed to.

Suppresses Weight Gain

Being full of vitamins, the green juice recipe for weight loss also acts to suppress the menace of weight gain. This, it achieves by cutting the buildup of fat and by burning off excess fat. In that way, it lets you stay in a state of utmost health and overall stature.

Reduces Inflammations

The high level of antioxidants is responsible for the suppression of inflammations. If you undertake strenuous exercises or are generally susceptible to injuries, you have this supplement for your own leverage and taking. Given the green juice recipes for detox’s natural formulation, it hardly imperils the health of your body.

Detoxifies the Body

Closely related to the above is that detoxifying green juice also gets rid of toxins in the body. Indeed, the detox juice recipes for weight loss works to eliminate all toxins from the blood. In doing that, it offers appropriate support to the kidneys and shields them from getting overwhelmed in the course of operating.

Boosts the Health of the Skin

Given the high level of Vitamin E in the detox juice recipe for skin, it is capable of making your skin appear glowing and healthier. Also adding to this is the high level of moisture contents in the juice that hydrates the skin considerably. Try out its many variants like the green juice for acne and the green juice recipe for skin.


We now take a look at some of the frequently asked questions with regards to this subject matter:

Q1. Green juice ingredients

A. For one, there is no standard green juice recipe for beginners. Nonetheless, the following are the most commonly employed ingredients:

  • Celery
  • Kales
  • Swiss chard
  • Spinach
  • Wheatgrass
  • Cucumber
  • Parsley
  • Mint
  • Ginger

Q2. How to make green juice

A. Just as in the case with the ingredients above, there is no standard format or method for making this juice. Below however are some simple steps that may help you to start out:

  • Place all the ingredients in a blending machine
  • Pour some two cups of water into the machine
  • Stir the contents thoroughly to mix uniformly
  • Cover the green juice recipe blender and then power it on to let it blend the juice
  • Pour out the contents in a sieve to filter out the debris

Q3. How much green juice should you drink a day?

A. You are generally recommended to take about 25 grams as a woman or 38 grams of the green juice recipe with spinachas a man. This volume may however be varied with the prevailing levels of nutritional needs or any other form of deficiency. We recommend that you pay a visit to a dietician or nutritionist for appropriate advice and inspiration.

Q4. Any possible side effects or precautions?

A. YES, there are numerous side effects of this juice. Some of these are:

Inhibits the Absorption of Certain Nutrients

Most of these vegetables contain plenty of oxalates or oxalic acid that is an anti-nutrient. When ingested in large quantities, this substance binds to the minerals in the food and causes the same to stop the digestive tract from the same. You are hence advised to take it moderately.

May raise Blood Sugar Levels

In case you suffer from diabetes or other inherent medical conditions that are susceptible to the fluctuations of the blood sugar levels, we recommend against taking this juice in higher amounts. Instead, we ask you to stay away from it or cut down your intake considerably.

Low in Fiber

Juices by nature lack fiber as all the fiber are often churned out in the course of extracting the liquids from the vegetables and fruits. Taking the juices in copious amounts will often let you forfeit the fiber contents that are necessary for the proper digestion and absorption of the foods you eat.

Trigger a rise in Blood Pressure

They potentially trigger a rise in blood pressure when taken after heavy meals. The high nutrient and solute contents of the juices are the ones that are primarily responsible for this. We yet again recommend that you take the juices moderately and only if you have to.

Lacks other Essential Nutrients

Though these juices are packed with tons of nutrients, they also miss out on a couple of other essential nutrients. They have no fat, carbohydrates, proteins, green juice calories, and roughage. You definitely must supplement the juices with other foods to stay balanced and healthy on the whole.

Q5. Is green juice really good for you?

A. YES, it is! It is a natural source of vitamins, moisture contents, detox green juice benefits, and minerals. What’s more? Green juice benefits hair as well! Also, most of its stated side effects above are not too damning or harmful. You hence have all to gain and none to lose by choosing to take the juices consistently and moderately.


We are now confident that we have belabored the subject matter of green juicing conclusively. With the kind of deep insight we have issued out, we now challenge you to move a step further to implement the same. That cannot mean anything else save for your now to make the juice and take it.


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