Fitness is Simply Free Seriously by Jogging or Walking

The recent trends in fitness and health industry shows that Americans have been investing heavily on home exercise equipment in a bid to improve their well being but did you ever thought for a second fitness can be achieved free without any investment saving those dollars for something constructive and still really can  be fit the answer is Yes if you can spare some time to change your routine to go for jogging or walking, is that really simple?.

In reality, the foundation of any good exercise programs is more complex than walking or jogging. Expensive equipment and health club/gym memberships are OK If you can afford them or have less time to go outside but are not mandatory to improve your overall health.

Do you know study conducted through the University of Richmond discovers that health programs based mostly on foot or strolling and exercise without any gadgets, such as sit-ups or push-ups have the same beneficial health results as machine based workout programs.

The kind of exercise jogging or walking is you don’t have to join any gym or club or buy any equipment. You can do it with a friend or do it alone even with your dog.

I have personally experienced early morning walk boost your energy level physically and psychologically so feeling much better right from the start of your day. Whenever you got a chance to visit any nearby garden, the lush green grass, flowers filled with different energetic colors, the sweet smell of flowers and soil does have a positive impact on your body, mood, and energy level.

Do Share your experience that how you feel if you choose jogging or walking to remain fit.


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