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Easy Ways to reduce Stubborn Belly Fat

Extreme Hard Work or Dieting is not required to reduce your stubborn belly fat. Only Eat whatever is the requirement of your body. Excessive Eating or Eating greedily or satiety just make you obese but also the root cause of many diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure or stomach complaints etc.

Stubborn Belly Fat Exercises

Sparing 10 to 30 minutes by following workouts and exercises you can reduce your belly fat


A squat is lower body exercise which not only activates your full body parts from your belly to hands, legs, thighs, and hips but also beneficial for your back spine.
Stand Straight by giving some distance between your legs, push down your knees while moving hips back to the position from where you can push up to stand again its somewhat like standing to sitting then back from sitting to standing like these images. you can also add some resistance by holding some weighted object in your hands


With a variety of exercises in Yoga, Cobra Pose is beneficial for reducing belly fat but also strengthen your back muscles which is also recommended for patients with back pain

Lie down on floor on your belly with your chest facing down Slowly raise your head by putting your arms on floor that may or may not be straight and hold that full stretched position for 15-20 seconds then return back to initial position slowly this Yoga will not only stretch your belly muscles but also helpful in burning fat of the belly. It is also useful in back pain strengthening back muscles you will definitely notice a reduction in your belly fat in a few days


There are many types of crunches from basic to reverse or from oblique, bicycle to twist which are the best exercises to give perfect shape to your belly, it is a bit difficult but its results are guaranteed. Basically you lie down on your back, you can put your hands on the chest or behind your head then raise your upper part then go back to normal position you can bend your knees and foot on the floor or you can also straighten your legs but the basic principle of crunch remain the same is to stretch your abdominal muscles. you can start with 15 reps then increasing to at least 30 reps


In plank exercise, you have to maintain a position almost similar to a push-up for the maximum time possible. it is best for people who sit for long hours and it is best for people with back pains. it strengthens your back muscles but also increases your strength. It also have many variations like Reverse Plan, Low/high side plank or single leg. You can even do it with gym ball.


In fact, it is not only good for abdominal muscles but it is a full-body workout.

You do it in four steps to begin from stand position to move to a squat position with your hands on the ground to then kick your feet back into the plank position by keeping your arms extended to then return to feet to position and then stand up from that position. People have got excellent results from it by even doing it for just 10 min a day

V Sit up

Vi Situp is a great exercise to shed off extra fat from your belly. it is not only good for the belly but also for the back.
Lie down straight on floor on a matt with straight legs and extend your arms straight above your head making a straight line. Lift your arms and legs simultaneously keeping them as straight as possible to bring your arms from over your head through to touch the legs to make a v position and then return to starting position. you can start from 10-15 reps then increase gradually. It does have many variations, we can even use the ball or weights.

Jogging or Walking

Jogging or walking in fact vital for our health in fact if the intention is to burn your fat then you can increase the speed of your walking. At least 30 min a day walk is recommended by fitness professionals to get good results, Specially for burning your abdominal fat you can not only increase your speed of jogging but also stretch your belly muscles and then walk

Apart from these exercises controlling your diet has almost 50% role in shedding your extra fat. Abandoning Sugar and soft drinks from your diet can help you get results in less time as compared to  only exercising and not controlling your diet

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